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We're often asked if a puppy's coat color and markings will remain the same as they age. The answer is - it depends! Some puppies retain much of the same look into adulthood, while others change quite a bit. Here are a few side by side photos of some of our Cavapoo puppies so you can see for yourself how coats may or may not change over time.

We love seeing how our puppies are doing at their forever homes! If you would like to share a "pupdate" with us, email us at or find us on Facebook!

cavapoo puppy.jpg
tri color cavapoo.jpg
cavoodle dog anna_edited.jpg
cavapoo puppy.jpg
adult cavapoo.whiskey.jpg
christmas puppy.jpg
puppy cavapoo.jpg
adult cavapoo.arlo.jpg
christmas cavapoo.jpg
adult cavapoo.lily.jpg
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