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Adoption Process

  1. The first step in the adoption process is to reach out to us! Let us answer all of your questions so you can be sure a Cavapoo puppy is a good fit for your family.

  2. Next, pay your $250 puppy deposit to reserve a spot on our puppy wait list.

  3. When our current litter reaches 4 weeks of age, we will schedule a video conference for you to choose your puppy. If you decide none of the puppies in the current litter are what you are looking for (i.e. gender, coloring, etc.) you may choose to transfer your puppy deposit to our next litter.

  4. When your puppy is 8 weeks old, he or she is ready to go home to you! (See pick up info below.)

Picking Up Your Puppy

We're happy to work with you to make sure your puppy has the smoothest possible transition to his or her new home.

  • You're welcome to come pick up your puppy directly from our home!

  • For an additional fee and subject to our availability, we are also happy to meet you half way or at an airport with your puppy.

  • In some situations, we may be able to offer a flight service and hand deliver your puppy to a location near you. The additional fee for this service is determined on a case by case basis.

We suggest you bring a leash, collar, travel crate, and water bowl to help you safely transport your puppy home. Contact us to determine a pickup plan that works best for your family!

Take Home Basket

We send your puppy home with the following materials to help make the transition as comfortable as possible for both you and your new pup!

  • New puppy handbook

  • Health certificate

  • Microchip ID card

  • Copy of vaccination schedule

  • Health guarantee & purchase contract

  • Small bag of puppy food (Purina Pro Plan Puppy) for you to use in transitioning your puppy to the food of your choice

  • Comfort blanket that has been rubbed down with mom's and siblings' scents


We require a $250 deposit to reserve your puppy. This amount will be discounted from your final purchase price at the time of pickup. Deposits are non-refundable, but you have the option to transfer your deposit to a future litter for any reason (timing, color, gender preference, etc.)

Our preferred method of payment is cash; although, we do accept PayPal for an additional 3% fee. Sales include 7% Iowa Sales Tax.

For additional info on pricing and payment methods, please contact us!

Preparing For Your Puppy

We know you are eager to have your puppy home with you! Here are a few tasks to work through while you wait.

  • Purchase necessary supplies (View our recommended shopping list.)

  • Choose a veterinarian & schedule puppy's first appointment within 72 hours of coming home​​​​

    • All puppies are sent home with a current vaccination schedule.

    • We give puppies a distemper vaccinations as well as their first doses of dewormer and flea/tick preventative.

  • Look into local training classes

  • Puppy-proof your home

  • Review New Puppy Handbook

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