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Our Story

Everbrook Puppies is a family business, and our dogs are a part of that family! We all do our part to make sure that they're happy, healthy, and well-loved. Whether it's playtime, vet visits, or Super Dog training, everyone has an important role in the care of our dogs.

Dog Breeders

The Toms Family

Hi, we're Matt and Katelyn - newlyweds with a deep passion for animals.

Katelyn is in charge of the daily care of our dogs, including Super Dog training for all of our puppies. If you contact us, she is most likely who you will visit with. She's super friendly and would love to help you through the process of adding a sweet puppy to your family! Katelyn is also a photographer and enjoys taking pictures of our puppies to share with all of you!

Matt helps with the daily care of our dogs as well and is also our handyman. He makes sure that our dogs have safe and spacious places to play.

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